Advanced Woodsball Adventures

Home to Canada’s Greatest Woodsball Adventure

Skyline Nation is an Epic Paintball venue located in the majestic Porcupine Hills of South West Alberta, Canada. Our Limited events are safe, fun and Eco friendly in all aspects. For Decades, our Family Ranch has produced a wide variety of quality experiences for Outdoor enthusiasts all year round.

Skyline Nation Year 9 Finishes with a Bang!

Prepare for our Tenth Anniversary Game on July 23-26, 2015!

A few smaller one day games remaining this summer or book a private event!


Once a year, we have a Tremendous weekend event that sets the Standard for Woodsball Globally.  A Paintball Mission based upon a fictional country, the Skyline Nation.  Like all sports, Woodsball has a huge following in every State and Province.  We package an all inclusive weekend that is Extremely Fun.

We promote Safety, Sportsmanship, Healthy Active Lifestyles and much more in this exciting sport. We also have rental packages for private groups and corporate functions upon appointment.

To ensure our home is beautiful as it has always been, we limit the human footprint within the forest.  High performance Paintballs are totally bio degradable and we only use High Pressured Air, Not CO2.  The playing fields are in its natural state and what has been built is hidden and..camouflaged. Invisible before, during and after is our motto.

Woodsball, Milsim, Scenario or Bushball are all modern terms for paintball in the forest. If you like hiking, Mud Hero, good friends, good times, the outdoors and hunting…Woodsball is the sport for you. Hunt someone, rather than something. Bring out the inner James Bond, Lady Terminator or special forces within and get in the game…its easy. We can teach you, equip you and train you…