Advanced Woodsball Adventures

Skyline Nation 2017


Welcome to Skyline Nation, a world class scenario event, located on a private Ranch in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Once a year we gather to play a great game on our private Ranch.  Scenario missions that are a pile of fun and very eco friendly, especially on limited occasions.

Missions include Recon, search and destroy, gps guided focal points, hostage rescue and much more.

For Twelve years, we have set the standard for Elite gamers that travel the Globe pursuing this  sport.  We host a group of avid players that travel worldwide.  Some buy golf clubs, some buy a dirt bike…and many invest in outdoor battle sport.

We host a few one day events, however the Skyline Nation is our signature private event.  The Skyline Ranch becomes a fictional country where special operation missions occur.

We are very proud of our returning friends that take part every year.  Paintball is eco responsible, human powered and leaves nearly an invisible footprint.

Terrain 1

All events are private and no visitations without reservation.