Advanced Woodsball Adventures

Skyline Nation 2018

Skyline Nation is a Professional Scenario event.  This is a World Class Paintball adventure, held once a year for Adult players(18).  The Skyline Ranch becomes a ‘Nation’ for one weekend and battles the invading foes, the World Task Force.  A series of fun, healthy and scenic missions each day send players throughout the Ranch.

We host players from all over Canada, The United States and even players from Europe.  We have a high percentage of return Outdoor enthusiasts.  Skyline Nation, has become thee ‘go to destination’ for elite mission play.  The largest and most challenging terrain in the Sport.

Our event is safe, extremely Eco responsible gameplay and ensures a class social atmosphere.  Our team of Staff make this event smooth and on schedule.  A private event with no pets, visitors, walk on players and reservations are a must.  Our players blend in in our private property and set the standard for class outdoor recreation.

Skyline Ranching and Outfitting Ltd has been in the outdoor adventure business since 1977.  We continue our love of the outdoors on the Family Ranch with this challenging, eco friendly and human powered adventure.