Advanced Woodsball Adventures

Delta Force-Friday, August 22, 2014

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Date(s) - 22/08/2014
8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Skyline Nation Paintball


1560401_10152592173012351_495990098018600286_n$20 limited ammo Mission held exclusively for Ace of Spades Members.  Limited positions and it used for Recon for next years main event.  This is part of our ongoing Black Ops Series.  Left over Valken Paint can be used.  Players may camp if they wish to attend the following days basic paintball game.

Delta Force-Camo Tactical Kit, Mag Fed Paintball Marker, GPS

Insurgent-Civilian Clothes, Pump or Tac Cap markers.

$20 per person for our Ace of Spades Clients.  This is strickly an adult game.  No Cameras allowed on this paintball Mission.  Players can play the regular game the following day for another $20 fee.  Camping is included.


Date-Friday August 22, 2014

Situation-Extreme Terrorists are threatening ethnic minorities near the river beside Mosul.  Despite humanitarian Aid and American Strategic bombing, the crimes of Genicide Continue.

Delta Force Mission-1-Find the Kurdish Tribal Leader in Hiding.  He will give great insight and direction to your Primary Target.  Find mis drop of ammo supplies and stage operations.

Delta Force Primary Target-His name is G. Hawd.  He is the war Criminal directly responsible for the death of thousands of civilians.

Delta Force Mission 2-The Kurdish Tribal Leader will give direction and possibly guide Delta Force to a Mountain.  The Group of terrorists are located at the foot of the Mountain and are poised to launch a rocket attack on Civilians in hiding on the Mountain Top.

Delta Force Mission 3-Gather Intel and report Insurgent strength.  If civilians are being used as a Human Shield, an Airstrike is not possible.  Without Risk to your team, identify G.Hawd.  Capture or Eliminate.  20 Points

Delta Force Secondary Objective- Set Charge covertly on Toyota Truck that has a Rocket Launch System and destroy.

Delta Force Secondary Objective-Rescue captive Civilians. 5 Points Each.

Delta Force Secondary Objective-Extract informant among insurgents.  Identity of this individual will be pointed out by the Kurdish Tribal Leader.

Insurgent Objectives

Primary Objective-Capture/Eliminate the Kurdish Tribal Leader

Primary Objective-Report any American Special Force Activity.  Capture/Eliminate if possible.

Secondary Objective-Secure Human Sheild Hostages.  Eliminate some until the location of the Civilians in hiding is revealed through terror tactics.

Secondary Objective-Enforce a Security parameter and protect the Rocket Launch Truck.


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