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Date(s) - 20/07/2017 - 23/07/2017
All Day

Skyline Nation Paintball


 July 2017

Welcome to the Skyline Nation Experience and Outdoor Adventure.  This will be the 12th year Anniversary.   We are so proud to continue the Adventure with solid friends.

This is not a common paintball game, but a outdoor festival, that immerses players inside of miles of untouched terrain.  The event is private and only registered guests may attend.

There are no dogs or unregistered guests

Players arrive in advance and are welcome to camp, however meal package does not begin until Friday Morning.  Player Registration windows from Wednesday through Thursday.

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Thursday July 20, 2017will host an optional mission.

Friday July 21, 2017 Scenario Package begins

0700-0900 Package Breakfast, Chrono

0900-0930 Mission Orders briefings

0930-1000 Player Transport

1000-1145 Mission One.  Field is the Coliseum (14 acres).

1200-1330 Package Lunch at Camp, Chrono, refit and rearm.

1330-Mission Briefing

1400-1430 Player Transport

1430-1600  Mission Two.  Field is Heartbreak Ridge (160 acres)(Focal point 20 acres)

1600-1900 Package Dinner, Chrono, refit, rearm and rest at Camp.

1900-1930 Mission Briefing

1930 -2000 Dual team Foot Patrol

2000-2145 Mission Three. Field is Bear Claw NEW (120 acres)(Focal Point 20 acres)

2145-2215 rearm and group orientation at SOCOM

2230-2300 Bonus feature. Mission Four (Night illumination Elimination Mission).  American Guests defend and elevated position against all guests.

2300-0100 Social Cease Fire.

Saturday July 22, 2017  DeepWoodsCertified Missions are away from camp, players are welcome to bring one supply bag for we will not return to camp.

0700-0900 Package Breakfast, rearm and Chrono

0900-0930 Mission Briefings #DeepWoodsCertified Series.  Missions are handed out to leadership during breakfast.

0930-1000 Player Transport

1000-1145 Mission Five.  Field is Crazy Horse(60 acres) (focal point is 35 acres)

1145-1300 Package Lunch, rearm and refit in the field.  Lunch is deployed in the Forest and a rest in the meadow.

1300-1430 Mission Six.  Field is Sitting Bull.  NEW (60 acres)(focal Point is 60 acres)

1430-1500 Rest in the meadow, rearm.

1500-1600 Mission Seven.  Field is Hamburger Hill.  *ELIMINATION MISSION* (60 Acres)(focal point 60 acres).

1600-1630 Transport to Camp.  Deep Woods Mission conclusion.

1630-1730 Camp Refit, rearm.

1730-1745 Player Transport.

1745-1900 Mission Eight.  Field is the Coliseum.

1900- 1915 Player Transport/Patrol back for Dinner.

1915 -2100 Package Festival Dinner.

2230-2300 Encore Mission Nine.  Random draw from dinner will choose elevated defense positions.  Elimination Illumination Mission.

220000-0200 Social Cease Fire, Awards.

Sunday July 23 2017

0700-0900 Package Breakfast

0930-1200 Skyline Ranch Gunfight Challenge.

Meals will be prepared and served within specific time allotments.  Players that are aired up/chrono will receive a stamp and will eat first.






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