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Date(s) - 19/07/2018 - 22/07/2018
All Day

Skyline Nation Paintball




The Weekend of Adventure begins Thursday evening, July 19th, 2018.  This will be the 13th event which we have held on our private Ranch in the Porcupine Hills once per year.  This event is reserved for our limited guests and friends.  This Forest Festival is a pure human powered, eco friendly, recreational weekend for Adult players.  We boast a quality event, elite play, unmatched outdoor settings and more, attracting players from across North America.

Players camp with Rvs/tents and enjoy 8 Missions on 8 different fields throughout the weekend.  There is plenty of time for rest, play and social activities.  This event Will have a position sales beginning Boxing Day, December 26th till January 7th.

Most paintball games are 4 hours long, Skyline is 2.5 days long.  We have various mission segments throughout the weekend on an assortment of playing fields.  The mass size allows for more movement and flanking capabilities.  However we assure contact with GPS guided missions and Game marshals in out field.

This is an all inclusive package that includes Camping, basic meal plan (Friday Morning onward) and games from Thursday evening finishing Sunday at High Noon, with famous Skyline Ranch Gunfight.  The reason why we include meals is to control schedule and garbage.  There are two packadgeIts very healthy servings.

This event is for Adults only and thus we have the most competitive gaming atmosphere .  Also an exciting Social Atmosphere each night with the Social cease fire.  Mission schedule and location are subject to change with weather.  This event must go on schedule.  Being 15 minutes late, means 30 minutes late and it continues to grow.  If you are not ready, you have to be left behind and will have to fall in on another segment.  We deploy players to save on walking and hiking uphill’s.

Players will be aired up prior to deployment and air will be available during mission via our mobile air/Water station- truck.  Please do not ask for air at mission start.  You must be ready to play.  Any activity that slows the show can penalize your team in points.  Mission details are to be posted on our private Forum along with Storyline, Primary and Secondary Objectives.

Each Mission/Component is roughly 2 hrs long.  This is on average when people tire out, need to tech, reload, rehydrate.  We try to return players to the camp area often as a giant group.  However we must fall back into schedule.  Its fun and easy, just be ready.  Players will usually have a back pack they can be bring along and deploy in designated spots.  This is a small bag, not a massive duffle bag.  Travel light, with priority to ammo, gum, micro fibres, camera or what ever…not 3 extra markers.

Ammunition in theatre-We don’t expect players to carry cash or a wallet while they play, camp is not always real close.  Need more ammo?  We have it, we know you are good for it, we will supply a bit at the moment, straighten up when we get to camp.  Sometimes ammo stores are even found in the game.

Leadership-Each team is designated a Commander.  These fine Gentlemen help with human resource management of each team.  Any game issues you bring to their attention or Game Marshal and they then present it to me, where we can modify during our meetings.

Referees-They wear Orange and prowl the fields/take pictures and herd players.  They do not stand over you and give away your position.  they will be there to help and assist eliminated players.  They will not run 500 yards up the hill for a paint check.  You feel hit, walk out, or players will shoot again.  Stick your hand up.  We will safely get you out.  Chrono is 3 shots under 299 FPS(players must chrono with FS or Roundball)  no switch over from roundball to FS without Chrono.

Thursday July 19th – The event begins with an Early bird activity on our Close quarters field 1300hrs and an optional Mag Fed Mission 2000hrs.  Thursday is a day that predominately is an arrival day.  Some folks have even come as early as the Monday before.  This is fine, however the meal package does not begin until Friday Morning.  Registration, Chrono and event packages are distributed Thursday beginning at Noon.  Additional paint or FS is not sold until all players have received their package.

Friday July 20th- The morning begins with Coffee and Breakfast from 0700-0900, debriefing at 0900, Field Deployment at 0930.  At this time players should be ready to play, be chrono’d, designated team color ect.  Mission one 0945-1145.  Mission four concludes 2100hrs.

Saturday July 21 – Mission Four 0945-1145 Mission Seven concludes 1800hrs.

Sunday July 22- Skyline Ranch Gunfight

full schedule to be released.






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