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Date(s) - 18/07/2019 - 21/07/2019
All Day

Skyline Nation Paintball


Second Sales Window March 17th, 2019


Full Payment Option

Please Read the following…

Players just file in to the Ranch whenever they arrive, camp and enjoy themselves in a self sufficient manner before the festival Package begins.  We do have a close Quarter battle field for pick up games open during various windows.  In a Nutshell, these are the Basic rules for the Festival.

All Players must be 18 years or older for an advanced playing field.  A lot of folks kick it up each night at the famous Social cease Fire in a responsible manner.

There are no pets allowed in Camp.  People have been bit, night barking, gear pissed on and fights with our Ranch animals.  There is no sane reason to keep a dog in camp while you are in the forest for eight to ten hours.

There are no guests.  Each person represents a meal portion and transportation spot.

This is not a BYOP event and 2 shots under 300 FPS.  Players must chrono with FS if they wish to play as First Strike Player.

If there is a Fire risk as dictated by Alberta Sustainable resources we cannot have a fire or use smoke grenades, this will be addressed the week of the event before you leave home.

-There are no refunds.  Much like a concert ticket.  You must sell your ticket to someone else if you cannot go.  Since we do this only once a year the expenses up front are intense such as Insurance, staff, waste bins, Food ect.  We say this every year and every year someone emails.  Please know the dates and make an informed decision or wait for the second or third window if you are not sure.  In the event of a family tradgedy or something terrible that is proven we will try to accommodate a position for the following year, however all funds are allocated.

Paintballs are made by Valken.  We insist on the very best product for this event.  We are pleased with its proven performance in Mag Fed and other forms of markers.  There is no environmental impact whatsoever with the fill as people outside the sport often wonder.  First Strike and Paintballs are color coded so that friendly fire can be monitored among players even though they are out.

The Basic Package begins *Thursday Evening(optional night Mission), Friday and Concludes Sunday morning with our famous Skyline Ranch Gunfight.  Each day consists of various Missions near and away from our camp.  Missions are also known as ‘Components’ to our production teams.  Up to Two hour segments before we take a micro break in the forest or in camp.  This ensures players can rearm and air up.  These segments are interchangeable if Weather is a factor and transportation is a challenge.  We are prepared to adapt.

 Meals-We include a basic meal package with the festival.  The main reason we do this is for Schedule and waste control.  Schedule is everything and we cant wait for someone who is still making a bunt cake.  Basic meal plans include a Breakfast, Field or Camp Lunch and an Evening dinner. (Beginning Friday Morning and ending Sunday Morning) these are home cooked meals and the MREs for the field is a wide assortment of Sandwiches and water is always nearby.

 Transportation-We move people around safely with Stock trailers on the private property to save on a lot of walking between Missions.

 Registration-Basically by sending funds you are registered and most players are repeat, however we send out a questionnaire to gather intel on the form of Marker one uses, how many in your group, what are you camping in (RV, Tent ect), medical concerns ect, so that we may provide an awesome camping experience that is safe and monitored.  This usually is sent out to our players in January before the second sales window in March.  The price in the first Window is the best savings, then second, then third….

We have a huge Alumni.  If you miss a window, we will never leave you out.  We will always have a place for you, but please be proactive with private message or Phone calls.  The

Each Player will Choose either a First Strike Package or a Paintball Package.  Costs vary between the two for obvious reasons.  There will be additional ammo for sale at a reasonable price.  We focus on selling experience, not product so don’t fear.  We are keeping a very close eye on the Dollar exchange.  We will never cut corners and buy garbage product, we never compromise quality.

There are two methods to pay, one through Pay Pal which is clearly our favorite and interact ETransfers which is second.  Both payment is required to the email address of  

Pay Pal-The best method hands down, however it does charge a service fee, be sure to make sure the event is not covering this by sending what is required.

ETransfers-This is fine, however it is one of the worst ways to reply/contact someone.  There is no way to reply to any transaction from the Bank or associate even a name in all cases.  A code is received, not an reply email.  Please no methodical quiz questions to unlock the funds.  State Full Name and each person you may pay for in your email.  *Another Myth is when people send funds they assume if its not deposited ASAP, then you may not be able to address other things in your life.  Once its sent, its sent and you balance will never change.

*Rough Schedule-  Generals will receive full classified maps and mission details in advance this year.

Thursday Player Sign in 1000-1700/1800-1900

Option One/Mission One-We have had numerous requests for a Night game and this year we will be a Full Moon.  Players will sleep in the field with no more than a Blanket or BDU.  You will choose the Thursday Option One or Two on your registration form so no Rush.  Markers will be allowed in this window until dark (2200Hrs), then masks can come off and your green face can come on to continue.  In the Morning you will meet with the second wave of players.  *Details to Follow on Full Night Mission.

Option Two-Stay in camp, play some CQB and tip a few drinks and meet up with the Bushmen in the morning.

Friday- 0700-0900 Breakfast/Hydrate/Air – Chrono   *Ammo can be spotted to players whom wish to leave wallets in camp*

0900-0930 Mission Debrief /0930 Transport

1000-1200 Mission Two  1200-1330 Lunch/Rearm in Field/Hydrate

1400-1530 Mission Three  1530-1600 Hydrate/Rearm

1600-1715 Mission Four 1715 Transport to camp

1800-2000 Dinner and R&R.

* 2000-2030 Mission Debrief and Hike Out

2030-2145 Optional Mission Five near camp*  or second option CQB field pick up games.

2200-2355 Social Cease Fire (Music and Buildings secured at Midnight for those who will be really tuckered out)

Saturday-0700-0900 Breakfast/Hydrate/Air-Chrono

0900-0930 Mission Debrief/ 0930 Transport

1000-1145 Mission Six  1145 Transport back to Camp

1200-1330 Lunch in Camp

1330 Mission Debrief 1345 Walk out

1400-1500 Mission Seven  1500-1530 Air up/rearm/hydrate/Switch sides

1530-1630 Mission Eight.  End


1700-1730 Breakout battle back to Camp

1800 Tug Of War to see which team eats first

2100-0300 Social Cease Fire

Sunday– 0700-0900 Breakfast/pack

1000-High Noon Skyline Ranch Gunfighter competition.

Sunday is usually a travel day to assure proper safe time for our long travelers to get home safe and sound.










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