Advanced Woodsball Adventures

Skyline Nation News

Summer has arrived!  The land is looking beautiful and very green.  We are excited to host this festival at our home.  I thank you all once again for placing faith in Heather and I to put on a world class Woodsball event.

It has been 12 years of putting on this event.  This is our version of the vast potential of this game.  We focus on Adventure.  A real opportunity to play a vast landscape, explore dark Forests and travel many exciting trails.

The event has been evolving in many ways as far as type of play as technology improves.  This event is 55% mag fed Players, 25% Tournament markers, with the remaining Pump and Tac Cap.(according to our recent player survey).

Many players carry on board cameras, GPS, FitBits, advanced camo, Tactical gear and more.  All of our players love the challenge our land offers.

We move players around the land so that our guests can enjoy a wide variety of terrain, challenges and breathtaking views.  8 separate locations in fact.  We create a safe and enjoyable pace during gameplay.

The Multinational World Task Force will be lead by

Steve Lane(Task Force Chief of Staff)-The Unnamed Club

Lou Arthur((JSOC)Special forces)-Aggressor 6