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Skyline Nation News

 Second Sales window open right now!

Event Is 75% Filled.  Enter up Alumni.  Cut off July 2nd.


Skyline Nation will have a Prebuy for First Strike.  $250 for 600 Count, $60 for 100 Count.  Veterans and Police receive $15 Dollars off 600 count and $10 off 100 count.  This is exclusively a Pay Pal option.  This is for our enlisted players only.  The package cannot be modified from the included 250 to 600 count to maintain our fairness and value for earlier players.  The Special offer on additional prebuy FS will conclude  June 27th.  the 600 is rare and basically 100 additional rounds are thrown in.

We already have an abundance of additional FS in 250 count above and beyond our packages, however we just recently have acquired the ability for 600 count and thought we would add the extra option.  Our order is picked the first of July and cannot be updated.    If anyone outside the game tries to purchase, the transaction will be declined.  All of you enlisted have our Pay Pal details or look at the event link on this site.

Please add a message to the transaction eg.   Mr. Buck Wild $250 for an additional 600 rounds of FS.  -$10 US Marine Veteran.  

Any Veterans/Police who used etransfers I will try to accommodate.  Please call/Text me at 403-625-8831, Ranch on weekends and Evenings 403-625-5488.

At field Prices for Valken Graffetti – $70 per 2000 rounds ($10 off for Veterans/Police) Canadian Funds

$125 per 250 rounds ($10 off for Veterans/Police) Canadian Funds


Eric Prangnell-Secretary of State

Jake Plotsky – Attorney General

Javid Best-Minister of Game

Jeremy Saunders – Head Referee

Heather Moynihan- Department of Agriculture

Kyle Hyland – Transportation Minister

Vanessa Vegter – Special Effects

Reid Moynihan – Producer, Writer and Director.

Justin Welsh-Compressed atmosphere Tactician

Ian Howatt-Mechanic/Recovery Vehicle