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Skyline Nation News

Skyline Nation Delivers another Epic festival in 2017!!!!

   For the Fourth year in a row we have maxed out on our Player Roster.  We had a quality safe weekend with zero impact on the environment.  Despite dry and hot conditions, all players stayed hydrated and comfortable in the Forest Canopy.

   We usually receive 80% return player base each year.  We are very proud of this because we feel we are doing a great Job.  The Competition is extremely fierce and Continue to uphold the essence of sportsmanship and fair play.

   The Scoring was concluded at 345 for the Skyline Nation and 210 for the World Task force.  The play was very even until the Gunfight points pulled one team ahead(100).  Congrats to our close friend Jake Plotsky for the much deserved win.

    The meals were great and had zero injuries.  There is always competition that is stern, however we are proud to boast the classiest players in the Forest.  Our Players play hard and party hard.

   Unfortunately, the Government had a Fire Ban due to extreme dry conditions, so there were no Wood campfires or Smoke grenades permitted.  We adapted, adjusted, overcame and set the standard for responsible Outdoor recreation.

  We will be sending out another questionnaire this Summer to our cherished player base to improve, find new ideas and comments.

   I would like to thank our Staff for another amazing Job.  For putting up with my vision and event.  Without them, the festival could not happen.  One may have vision, but without the means to implement your plan, it cannot take effect.  I am a firm believer in delivering what we state and never cloud the event with Bullshit or empty promises.

  I would like to Thank my Wife Heather, Vanessa, Lindsay, Sara and another Heather for the quality healthy meals.  We include meals to control schedule, garbage and ensure proper nutrition.

  I would also like to Thank Eric Prangnell whom is the Engine of our War Machine.  He has put his heart into this event.  His contributions are endless.

  Jake Plotsky, Javid Best, Jeremy Saunders, Ian Howatt, Cameron Turnbull, Justin Welsh, Kyle Hyland, Steve Lane and Neil Graham… all continue to help this event in ways that cannot be easily measured.  Years of commitment and dedication.  There are so many people that help make this happen.  A Shout out to my Dad whom started Skyline Ranching and Outfitting LTD, back in 1977.

  Lastly, I would like to Thank our players who put their hard earned dollars and faith in us.  We try so hard to deliver.  Weather is such a Challenge and the means to move people is based on this.  Our repeat clients have become family.  I deeply care for Everyone.  Thank you all for the inspiration.