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Skyline Nation takes on 2018!

We had another great year in 2017.  The event sold out as usual and we delivered a really solid game.  We strive to make improvements every year as the Sport changes and new challenges arrive.  Despite a Fire Ban, we continued to show the world how environmentally safe our players are.

Rules before buying in…

Event Sale Begins Boxing day Dec 26th- January 7th.  There will be two choices to choose from once again.  The First Strike package ($440/250 rounds) and the Roundball Package ($400/2000 rounds).  Additional ammunition can be obtained from the event.  Payment may be made to via Pay Pal  or interact etransfer.   Pay Pal fees must be settled at event. 

As a reminder to everyone to not have challenging security questions and leave all your contact information for yourself and all others than may be involved in the transaction.

There will be a registration form we will send to our players in April to collect camping details and more.

This event takes a lot of preparation.  There are no refunds.  Under any circumstance if you forget the date, cant get off work, there are no Refunds.  This event is much like a concert ticket.  You will have to sell your ticket to a friend, or discuss a possible credit BEFORE the 2018 event, for 2019.  This is something we deal with all the time despite our clear position.  There are no refunds, this must be clear.

We will cap the event under 100 players again so that we may continue to operate the event within our means.  We will never compromise quality.  Players will camp with RVS, Tents within the safety of our Ranch yard.  There are no guests or Dogs permitted.  Players will be required to wear ID bracelets.