Advanced Woodsball Adventures

Skyline Nation News

 Second Sales window open right now!

Event Is 52% Filled.  Next Sales Window March 17th.

The event should have a few new upgrades this year in the areas of Camping, additional play and more intense missions.  This will be one of our first Night Missions in 2019 and it will be featured on Thursday Evening during a Full Moon.  Motorized vehicles will be featured in two to Three Mission.  Team Leadership will be given maps, with highlighted areas for reach Mission in Advance.

Ideas on the Table 1)Each team may be allowed to submit a personnel drone to report on team movements 2)Savages in the forest during Night Mission 3)Ammo Dump


Eric Prangnell-Secretary of State

Jake Plotsky – Attorney General

Javid Best-Minister of Game

Jeremy Saunders – Head Referee

Heather Moynihan- Department of Agriculture

Kyle Hyland – Transportation Minister

Vanessa Vegter – Special Effects

Reid Moynihan – Producer, Writer and Director.

Justin Welsh-Compressed atmosphere Tactician

Ian Howatt-Mechanic/Recovery Vehicle