Advanced Woodsball Adventures

Skyline Nation News


The event is private.  There are no guests or Dogs allowed.

Directions-Proceed west of Claresholm on the #520 for 35 kms.  Turn Left at the Big Blue Skyline Ranch sign.  Proceed directly into the Valley ahead, do not turn and go up the Hill.  The very first house you see is NOT Skyline.  Please drive slowly past 30kms per hour tops.  Continue into the Valley.  You will be camping in the yard with the large white house and metal barn.  There is a wire gate that must remain closed.




Eric Prangnell-Secretary of State

Jake Plotsky – Attorney General

Javid Best-Minister of Game

Jeremy Saunders – Head Referee

Heather Moynihan- Department of Agriculture

Kyle Hyland – Transportation Minister

Vanessa Vegter – Special Effects

Reid Moynihan – Producer, Writer and Director.

Justin Welsh-Compressed atmosphere Tactician

Ian Howatt-Mechanic/Recovery Vehicle