Advanced Woodsball Adventures


The Skyline Ranch consists of thousands of acres with a variety of fields. Due to the immense size, our games are conducted in fenced in fields which are named provinces and territories of the Skyline Nation. This way the game area is not too large but isolated to one pasture at a time to ensure people do not wander out of play.

Each of these fields varies in size, elevation and vegetation. There is an abundance of hiking trails, fresh water springs and wildlife in the Skyline Nation. Elevation ranges from 4300-5800 feet above sea level. Exercise atthese altitudes can tucker people out earlier than expected, so once again, we encourage and active lifestyle prior to enlistment.

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Video flyover of Skyline Ranch

The terrain at the Skyline Ranch is steep foothills with an assortment of lush meadows. We transport people to the top of the ridges to minimize the uphill hiking. We try to deploy people in a fashion that the game funnels downhill.