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Skyline Nation sale is December 26th

Terrain 1

Skyline Nation 10 Sold Out


Skyline Nation 10 is sold out.

Welcome to the Skyline Nation weekend adventure.  This event is for registered players only.

1-This is not a BYOP event.  Since 2007 we have included a box of paint with your package.  We go to enormous measures to find a great solid paintball.   We have had a great working relationship with Valken and this is the official ball of Skyline Nation.  Teams fills are color coded yet again as is |First Strike.

We charge $65 per additional case of paint.  First Strike price will be adjusted.  Payment for these items can be made through pay pal, etransfers or cash.

Players must be registered

Players must be 18 years or older

No pets in camp

All Players must have barrel Bags

This is not a BYOP event.  Custom team fills, including first Strike

Chrono 2 shots under 300FPS, Random Chrono by Refs

No pyrotechnic items

Welcome to the Skyline Nation Experience.  This will be the Tenth year of operation of our Skyline Nation Scenario Event.

With Each Year the event flourishes.  What makes Skyline different is that players are truly immersed in the Forest.  Fields are great distances apart, the logistics are a challenge.  There is no bigger paintball field than Skyline Nation.

That being said, there are more things to know to be prepared for a great weekend:

1-   Watches for all players are mandatory.  The land is so large and wind can drown any whistle or horn.  A watch will give insight to mission ends and rendezvous points.  Don’t be left behind so set your game timer at the start of each game.

2-   Bring a small Back Pack to carry items such as additional ammunition, barrels, battery’s, energy bars or whatever else onto the field with you. There will be several games played back to back without the opportunity to return to camp for more paint or food. Air will be provided via a mobile air truck at all fields. Please mark luggage.

3-   drinking and driving will not be tolerated.  Bring enough smokes and refreshments to sustain yourself for the entire weekend.  The camp is locked for safety each evening and leaving the camp for any reason is highly discouraged.

4-   We are monitored by Alberta Sustainable resources.  There is a fire tower at Skyline which will call the fire department if any fire or smoke is seen. Smoke only in designated areas and be responsible about cigarette disposal.

5-   Bring Additional clothing and footwear (especially extra socks).  Battle worn clothing can be washed in the spring fed creek and hung dry.  There is also a small pond to take a swim in.

6-   There are absolutely no Fireworks, Quads, Firearms or anything of this nature.  Safety and Camp enjoyment are paramount.

Players are welcome to file in at anytime starting Wednesday evening, however meals with the package begin Thursday evening.  There are activities all day long Thursday in camp and an optional mag fed mission Thursday evening.  Full on Skyline begins Friday Morning.


Thursday July 23

Swap meet, team tables and presentations/introductions all day Thursday in the new SOCOM building.

1000 -1800: Air and Chrono

1200 -1800Hrs: Cage Match 3v3 from

1100Hrs -1700Hrs: Sniper/Sharpshooter competition

1800: Campfire BBQ

2000 – 2200Hrs: Operation Deep Six .  Mag Fed game (optional activity) Only game allowed outside the Wire this day. Additional pick up games also allowed in cage match during this time.

2000 – 0200: Social Cease Fire


Friday July 24 

0700 – 0900: Breakfast

0700 – 0930: Air and Chrono

0900 – 0930: Game Orientation with all players to explain tank rules and other notable rules

0930: WTF deployment to Coliseum (walking)

0950: SN follow up deployment (walking escorted by tanks)

1000-1200 Mission ONE Course Black Paw/Coliseum          Easy Intro, Heavy Battle game, Tank Friendly.  Walk into game, no Transport.

1200 -1300: Lunch at camp (walk back to camp).  Players prepare for Deep woods mission.

1300 -1315: Orientation and troop transport Orientation (bring smalll backpacks with extra ammo)

1315: Troop Transport to Crazy Horse

1400-1600 Mission Two   Medium Difficulty.

Two 45 Minute Missions in this allotment.

1600 -1700: Break in the Field/rearm at classified location.

1700 – 1900 Mission Three  Course is Hamburger Hill         Most Difficult

1900 – 2100: Dinner and camp rest.

2100-2230 Mission Four

1100 – 0200: Social Cease Fire.


Saturday July 25

0700-0900: Breakfast

0700-0930: Air and Chrono

0900-0930: Game Orientation

1000 -1200:  Mission Five Course is Angels Peak (near House)       (walk to field) Most Difficult

1200-1300: Lunch at CAmp

1300-1345: Transport Players to field

1400 -1600 : Mission Six  POW Base           (bring backpack with extra ammunition)

1600-1645 Micro Break in the Field at the Young and Restless

1700 -1830: Mission Seven Coliseum

1900 – 0200: Dinner and Woodsball Festival



Sunday July 26

1000 Skyline Ranch Gunfight

1100 The Shootist.  Buckle winners free for all in Cagematch arena.